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FLAME   Stanmore                                                                       [a4A]d - 2003 2006                                                                       Sole practitioner, owner builder, Full design, documentation, co-ordination/ liaisons with consultants/authorities, project and onsite management., construction

StablesB&B Cambewarra                                                                                           [a4A]d  - 2004                                                                                         Sole practitioner, Full design, documentation, co-ordination/ liaisons with consultants/authorities.

K8nRo Marrickville                                                              [a4A]d - 2003 2005                                                                        Sole practioner, Full design, documentation, co-ordination/ liaisons with consultants/authorities.

Gardner Residence Alts/Adds                                                     DFA - 2004 2005                                                                            Design Development, Pre DA , Design, Documentation, Co-ordination/ Liaisons with consultants/authorities.

Davis Residence Alts/Adds                                                         DFA - 2004                                                                                           Documentation, Preliminary Design to DA

Sherman Residence Alts/Adds                                                   DFA - 2004                                                                                           Documentation, Minor modifications to DA

Crowe Bartlett Residence Alts/Adds                                        DFA - 2004                                                                                           DA, CC , Documentation

Australian High Commission New Delhi Apartment             BVN - 1998                                                                                           Predesign Documentation

Huskisson Units                                                                              PRM Architecture - 1997 1998                                                   CC, Design Development Documentation (Archicad)

Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre (accommodation units)         Han Ha Design and Construction - 1995                                  CC, Design Development, Design, Documentation