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Sonaisali Resort Refurbishment Fiji                                           DFA - 2004                                                                                           Design Development, Design, Documentation, Co-ordination/ Liaisons with consultants/authorities.

Royal North Shore Hospital Paediatrics and Obstetrics     BVN - 2000 2001                                                                               Construction Documentation

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art                                            BVN / DURBACH BLOCK - 2002                                                    Stage 2 Competition Documentation and presentation

Parramatta to Chatswood Rail Link                                           BVN - 2000                                                                                            Competition  Design/Documentation

Nelson Hospital Redevelopment                                                BVN - 2000                                                                                            Sketch Design,  Documentation

Albury Wodonga Military Accomodation                                 BVN - 1999                                                                                           Pre Design, Sketch Design, Documentation

Old Parliament House Entry                                                         BVN - 1998                                                                                            Schematics, Documentation

Australian War Memorial Shop Refurbishment                      BVN - 1998                                                                                           Schematics, Documentation

National Centre for Christianity                                                   BVN - 1998                                                                                            Predesign, Site Establishment

Old Parliament House Library                                                      BVN - 1998                                                                                           Construction Documentation, Fitout Documentation

Netherlands Australian Memorial                                               BVN - 1998                                                                                            Competition  Documentation

Hyatt Village Square                                                                        BVN - 1998                                                                                            Construction Documentation, Fitout Documentation

Australian War Memorial Conservation and Refurbishment                                                                                                             BVN - 1997                                                                                           Design Development Documentation

Federal Golf Course Residential                                                 BVN - 1998                                                                                            Feasibility study Presentation

Ansett Sydney Domestic Terminal                                             BVN - 1998                                                                                            Construction Documentation

National Air and Space Museum                                                 BVN - 1996                                                                                            Feasibility study Presentation

Federation Square                                                                           BVN -1996                                                                                             Feasibility study Presentation

Woden Valley Renal Unit                                                                BVN - 1996                                                                                           Design Development/DA Documentation

Erindale Post Office                                                                         BVN - 1996                                                                                                       Pre Design Site Measure

Kingston Post Office                                                                       BVN - 1996                                                                                                         Pre Design Site Measure, Documentation

Jameson Post Office                                                                        BVN - 1996                                                                                           Pre Design Site Measure, Documentation

ACT TAB Competition                                                                    MCC Architects - Colin Stuart Architects - 1998                     Winning Bid Documentation (manual), Modelmaking